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Taking the Lead front cover

Taking the Lead

What Riding a Bike Can Teach You About Leadership

If you’ve ridden a bike, two things have happened:

  1. You’ll never forget how.
  2. You’ve experienced the principles that drive leadership excellence.

Taking the Lead is not a book about cycling. It uses the bike riding experience to illustrate leadership principles and examine effective leadership styles.

Whether you’re new in a leadership role or you’re a seasoned leader, Taking the Lead lays out key behaviors that will maximize your influence and help you lead with excellence in whatever leadership role you fill: in the marketplace, your home, your marriage or in the community.

Taking the Lead:
What People Are Saying

AmyK Hutchens, leadership consultant and author of The Secrets Leaders Keep

Remove Your Leadership Training Wheels

If leadership is like a bicycle, then Taking the Lead is the key to removing your training wheels!

AmyK Hutchens
Speaker, Business Strategist and Intelligence Activist, author of The Secrets Leaders Keep / AmyK International
Kevin Oakes, CEO of Institute for Corporate Productivity

No More Mystery

Taking the Lead takes the mystery out of leadership, and gives you concrete ideas for how to become a better leader.

Kevin Oakes
Scott Eblin, leadership coach and author

Memorable and Important

In Taking the Lead, Damian Gerke uses his cycling experiences to make some very memorable and important points about what it means to be an effective leader.

Scott Eblin
Executive coach, author of The Next Level and Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative / The Eblin Group
Jeff Chamberlain, VP of Real Estate, Publix Supermarkets

The Insight You Need

Taking the Lead will provide you with the direction, insight and knowledge you need to achieve your leadership goals.

Jeff Chamberlain
Vice President of Real Estate / Publix Supermarkets, Inc.
Linda Miller, Global Liaison for Coaching, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Draws You In

In Taking the Lead, Damian Gerke poignantly links bike riding with leadership in a way that draws the reader in.

Linda Miller
Global Liaison for Coaching / The Ken Blanchard Companies
Cliff Otto, CEO of Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Solid Resource

Taking the Lead is both a pleasure to read and a solid resource to improve as a leader.

Cliff Otto
Dr. Mary Lippett, Leadership expert and author

Stay Balanced and On Track

Taking the Lead shows how to effectively confront thorny situations while staying balanced and on track.  

Dr. Mary Lippit
Author of Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity, President / Enterprise Management Ltd.
Scott Franklin, President/CEO of Lanier Upshaw


I found Taking the Lead to be a captivating and amazingly comprehensive primer on leadership.

C. Scott Franklin
Naval Academy Graduate and former Naval Aviator, President/CEO / Lanier Upshaw, Inc.
Larry Linne, leaderhip consultant and CEO of InCite Performance Group

Great Leadership Connections

I really enjoyed Taking the Lead. There are so many great leadership connections delivered in such a powerful way.

Larry Linne
Former NFL Player; CEO / InCite Performance Group
Joseph Michelli, leadership consultant and NY Times Best-Selling author

Power Your Ride to Leadership Effectiveness

Taking the Lead is refreshing, approachable, and empowering! It is filled with actionable tools that will power your ride on the road to leadership effectiveness!

Joseph Michelli
International speaker, New York Times #1 Best-selling Author of books like Driven to Delight, Leading the Starbucks Way, The Zappos Experience and The New Gold Standard / The Michelli Experience

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